Meet the team

The Universal IT Education collective is profoundly committed to building a worldwide network of AI and cybersecurity enthusiasts, learners, and experts. United by a common goal to make education in these advanced fields accessible to everyone, our team leverages a diverse array of experiences and specialized knowledge to craft an empowering and interactive learning space. Meet the dedicated individuals behind our endeavors as they propel our vision of inclusive and extensive IT education into reality. Their unwavering dedication not only fuels our mission but also embodies the spirit of innovation and community that stands at the core of Universal IT Education.

Mantas Karmaza

Founder and Manager

Mantas Karmaza is the driving force behind Universal IT Education, leveraging his extensive experience in entrepreneurship and IT to bridge the global digital education divide. Throughout his career, Mantas has been instrumental in providing innovative IT and digital marketing solutions to corporations across Europe, demonstrating a remarkable ability to adapt and thrive in the fast-evolving tech landscape. His initiation into technology at a young age led him to a path where his work significantly impacted various industries, culminating in the creation of Universal IT Education.

Martyna Kapočiūtė

Project Developer

Martyna Kapočiūtė brings a dynamic and fresh perspective to Universal IT Education as the Project Developer. At the heart of her role, Martyna is responsible for turning visionary ideas into executable projects that further our mission of democratizing IT education. Her dedication to innovation and her acute sense of project management stem from a profound belief in technology as a tool for empowerment. Despite her young age, Martyna’s enthusiasm and strategic approach to project development have been instrumental in launching initiatives that have significantly impacted our community and partners.

Tomas Vazgys

Human Resources

Tomas Vazgys, our Human Resources lead, is the backbone of fostering a vibrant and productive work culture at Universal IT Education. With an extensive background in organizational psychology and a passion for people development, Tomas’s work ensures that our team remains motivated, engaged, and aligned with our core mission. He excels in identifying and nurturing talent, building strong relationships within the team, and creating strategies that support our organizational growth. Tomas’s commitment to creating a supportive environment makes him a crucial part of our foundation, enabling us to attract and retain the best minds in the industry.